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Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI are at the forefront of organizational initiatives across just about every industry today.  While they might be the hottest topics around right now, our team at Ketchbrook have been building predictive models since before it was "cool", and have continued to stay on top of the leading-edge advances in the field that are happening every day.  

Our team is armed with a decade of model-building experience, including statistical & probabilistic models, machine learning, recommendation engines, and risk forecasting.  With our technical data science acumen and business expertise across a wide variety of industries, you could see your sales strengthen, your marketing budgets leveraged more effectively, and your risk diminish.  

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Statistical Modeling

Forecast next month's sales based upon trend, seasonality, and correlation elements

Determine the relationship between your bank's loan volume and the micro- and macro-economic influences, so you can optimize your capital


Predict the life expectancy of each piece of equipment your business uses, enabling you to triage your fixed assets and focus maintenance costs by preventing machine failure before it occurs

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Machine Learning

Identify those most likely to respond positively to your marketing campaign before spending a single dollar


Detect anomalies or instances of fraud through real-time monitoring of your high-volume transaction data


Predict which customers will fail to repay their loan in full, while automating your credit decisions and understanding customer profiles that are most likely (and least likely) to repay debt


Turn unstructured text data from customer dialogue or narratives into valuable insights through natural language processing

Grocery Shopping

Recommendation Engines

Arm your sales team with the best cross-selling opportunity for each of their accounts, allowing them to narrow their pitch, save time, and increase conversion rates


Provide personalized product recommendations in your online store for each customer, maximizing additional sales by displaying the most likely "next" purchase they need


Model Validation

Do you have a vendor or internally developed model that you're evaluating, testing, or have already put into production? If so,  your model must be validated by a professional third party to ensure it is stable, accurate, and unbiased.


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