Solutions Engineering

Everything we do at Ketchbrook Analytics is solutions-oriented. The models, reports, and software we develop are only as powerful as their ability to fit into (and be utilized by) your business. 


Many analytics vendors can build you a great predictive model or dashboard, but very few go the extra mile of actually deploying that logic as a solution that fits into your organization. Those that do often tie their "deployment" to a proprietary, expensive solution that most likely doesn't fit perfectly into your business's processes and technology stack. At Ketchbrook, we specifically build our solutions into the technology framework that fits YOU.

Below are a few examples of how we bring analytics to "life":

Application Development

A custom web-based application can help your employees accomplish tasks more efficiently, or provide an interface for your customers to interact with your products and services more directly.

Process Automation 

How much time are you spending on a weekly basis to complete tedious tasks like copying & pasting information from one place to another, or updating template reports with the current figures and narratives by hand?  If your answer is anything greater than zero, you are wasting valuable time that you could instead be using to move your company forward.  Our team can perform an "automation audit" to showcase all of your business's opportunities to automate.  

Data Acquisition

Is there data that would be useful to have but you have no current means of collecting it?  Our experts can help you track down that information and transform it into raw data that you can begin to capture and utilize to further inform your decision-making process.