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COHHIO Launches Youth Homelessness Dashboard Developed by Ketchbrook Analytics

Ketchbrook Analytics was engaged by the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio (COHHIO) to develop a web application that would serve as both an easy-to-use data collection tool and a dashboard to visualize the efficacy of programs designed to assist homeless youth with services such as housing, employment, education, etc.

After a collaborative development period, the web application has been successfully launched at The dashboard is highly interactive, allowing users to filter the data displayed in the visuals by program, age, race/ethnicity, date of services received, and more. The data collection component provides authorized users with the ability to easily upload data into the application’s back-end database, in order to keep the site up to date with the most recent youth homelessness data.

This effort was made possible through funding from Ohio Department of Health (ODH). For more information on the Ohio Department of Health Youth Homelessness Program, please visit

To get in touch with Ketchbrook Analytics and learn more about our web application or data science services, please email

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