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Case Study: Simulating Environmental Change Agents on Species in Canada’s Western Boreal Forests

Earlier this year, Ketchbrook Analytics was fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Analythium on a project with major implications for Canada’s Western Boreal ecosystem.

Prior to Ketchbrook's involvement, the Western Boreal Initiative team developed a quantitative methodology for forecasting the impact of different disturbance events (e.g., wildfires, pests, etc.) and climate change on the populations of certain species. The Ketchbrook team was brought in to assist in the development of a user-friendly web application to visualize these simulated outcomes.

The application provides the audience with a side-by-side comparison of the current state of these species’ populations against two forecast scenarios. The geo-spatial visualizations developed allow domain experts to quickly understand where to focus their sustainability efforts in the region.

While this project – like many GIS projects – is incredibly data intensive, Ketchbrook and Analythium worked in close collaboration to ensure a highly performant end product. The speed of the application is the result of cutting-edge approaches to code modularization, clever map re-drawing techniques, and pre-rendering of the “tiles” overlaid on the map visuals.

Finally, the application also provides the ability for the user to download .tif files (images) for all of the historical and forecasted data that populates the visualizations.

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