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Introducing: Ketchbrook Analytics

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

I'm not a fan of the word "consultant". When I think of consultants, I think of people who charge exorbitant dollar amounts to tell you what you're doing wrong. I think of PowerPoint decks containing more buzz words and broad promises, and less actionable detail on how you're going to get from start to finish. When it comes to data science, I think of how I've seen it go wrong more often than I've seen it go right.

As a data scientist, I'm a creator. I create predictive models and methodologies to help businesses leverage data and keep pace with the digital landscape. I create charts, dashboards, applications, and software to turn those models, algorithms, and data into something tangible and consumable by end-users. I developed a firm belief that all businesses -- small, medium, or large in size -- could benefit greatly from data science solutions that could help them better understand their customers, execute more effective marketing campaigns, automate mundane tasks to allow staff more time to be creative & innovative in their roles, or simply start to use their data to make better decisions. I believe this so strongly that I created a business around it.

And so was born Ketchbrook Analytics. Our mission is simple:

At Ketchbrook, we collaborate with companies to help them accomplish their digital goals through data, software, and strategy.

We have a small team of incredible people who believe in this mission. We have a growing client-base who have in turn believed in us. We know that you know your business better than anyone else. If we are fortunate enough to work with you, ask us to be a collaborator -- not consultant -- with you and your company.

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